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At AIC Heat Exchangers, they understand the challenges one can face when trying to determine the most suitable heat exchanger for a particular application.


Oakville, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2017 -- At AIC Heat Exchangers, they understand the challenges one can face when trying to determine the most suitable heat exchanger for a particular application. Because heat exchangers are found in such vast and different industries and applications, from petrochemical to food & beverage, from residential swimming pools to industrial boiler rooms, from marine to sanitary environments, and everything in between, finding a right product may seem like a daunting task.

When deciding on the design and type of heat exchanger, consideration must be taken to its operating environment.A heat exchanger is not an electrical appliance that 'creates' heat; rather, it is a vessel that facilitates the transfer of heat from one medium to another. As such, it works in conjunction with the other equipment (pumps, boilers, valves, etc.) in the system to ensure its performance.

Proper understanding, and actively maintaining and controlling the temperature, flow, and pressure inputs into the heat exchanger, and defining its outputs - exit temperatures, BTU requirements- will assist in the overall sizing of the heat exchanger. Selection of a product that is either undersized or too oversized may lower the heat transfer effectiveness of the unit.

Use of fabrication materials incompatible with the operating fluid may lead to premature heat exchanger failures. Is the operating fluid potentially corrosive to certain materials? What is its pH level? This will determine if elements such as copper or nickel-brazing plates, EPDM or Viton gaskets, welded stainless steel, titanium, or marine or sanitary grade materials are required.

The option between rigid (welded or brazed), removable (gasketted), or flexible (expansion joints/coiled tubes) heat exchangers is dependent upon the nature of the operating fluid. Are there particles present in the stream? Will there be a phase change within the unit? How well controlled is the flow and pressure in the system? Are there size restrictions?

At AIC, their team of technical associates will personally assists clients with their specific application. Their diverse collection of heat exchanger types, designs, and materials, their years of heat transfer knowledge, and their customer-centric attention to service, will ensure that they select the best heat exchanger for their clients' needs.

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AIC Heat Exchangers specializes in the heat exchanger industry, and has a deep technical knowledge of heat transfer concepts, heat exchanger designs, and heat exchange solutions in a variety of environments and applications. AIC Heat Exchangers is pleased to offer a wide array of product solutions, and delivers exceptional support and services to its clients, while continuously working to provide innovative designs and technologies to the market