Author Aija M. Butler Releases Important New Work "the Rebirth of My Soul" Now Available on Kindle and in Paperback


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- The Rebirth of My Soul” a newly released work from author Aija M. Butler has recently been released and is available now on for the Kindle. The paperback version was also released on November 5, 2012.

The book chronicles Butler’s own journey through life and is a collection of notes, advice and her keys to success. The stories are real and many readers can relate to Butler’s admonitions that we can sometimes be our own worst enemy letting our own thoughts and the actions of others sabotage our hopes and dreams. For Butler, life without mistakes to learn from is quite unsuccessful and this book lets the reader follow Butler through many of her worst moments. The moments seemed bad at the time, but as Butler relates, they led her to a new beginning and led to a rebirth of her soul. Butler hopes that sharing her life experiences will help readers achieve bigger and better things in their lives.

Aija Monique Butler is a native of San Diego, California and now resides in San Francisco. She is currently an administrator at a residential care facility. As a skilled nursing home administrator she specializes in acute care, dementia, and diabetes treatment for the elderly. Butler holds degrees and certifications in Psychology and Healthcare Management and she is continuing her education with hopes of obtaining a PhD in Developmental Psychology and Healthcare, by the time she is 40. Butler is also a grant writer, advocate and philanthropist for nonprofit organizations that deal with youth and social service development.

In 2011, Butler decided to put her skills in writing and graphic design to work in the publishing world and she founded AMB Publishing Productions, a small publishing and consulting firm for authors and non-profit development officers. Currently, the AMB roster of writers has grown to more than 20 authors and 4 branching companies around the United States. FAM CARTEL is a small productions agency in direct conjunction with the AMB Publishing Productions firm, Under this umbrella evolves a number of branching companies that deal with the love of the arts, the creation of music, printed publications, and on screen productions. The goal of the FAM CARTEL street fiction/music brand is to maximize client revenue within their individual brands to better promote their products, with quality and assurance.

Butler’s future plans include release of several more works including non-fiction novels, “The Rebirth,” 2nd Edition, “Born Again, Journey to recovery,” Asian Persuasion book 2, My Nemesis Book 4, “Karma,” “A Soldier’s Promise,” and “Butterfly Effect,” written with Co-Author Thornne Xaiviantt, “Hood Bound,” with Co-Author’s Jeffrey Smith and Glendale Butler, and “Under Lock and Key.”

"The Rebirth of my Soul" is available immediately at For More Information or How to Buy "The Rebirth of my Soul":

ISBN: 978-0615705545
ISBN-10: 0615705545
LCCN: 2012920740