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Air Ambulance America Partners With to Promote Flight Escort Services

Flight escort services is a new way of providing a medical service on a flight, delivered by Air Ambulance America and


Miami Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Whether people are old, or in need of medical treatment and need to travel by an aircraft, Air Ambulance America offers a perfect solution to assist them with professional medical services. Their new service is called Flight Escort Services and includes two different options, arranged and private travel arrangement.

Air Ambulance America, LLC, has years of experience and staff that are experts in air ambulance transport. They work with social workers and case managers in hospitals all over the United States on a regular basis. Their clients are at different life stages and most of their efforts are put into arranging safe and expert care while transporting their patients in the shortest amount of time.

One of the leaders of Air Ambulance America presented their new service by saying, “For all men and women who are not able to easily travel or need a medical assistance during the flight, there is our new flight escort service. Now there is an option of having a flight escort that is trained as an emergency medical technician and in flight physiology. The biggest advantage of an escort over a regular paramedic is that an escort has a little more knowledge than the other. They are specifically trained for situations that come up during flights on high altitudes, and understand how bodies react when exposed to high pressures. Another great feature that comes here is the ability of flight escorts to navigate airports and help individuals through the mess of commercial airliner policy. It is worth mentioning that there is also an option of using flight escort on a private flight.” is one of the leading search engine optimization companies in the United States and they have been maintaining Air Ambulance America’s online presence for a long time.

Air Ambulance America delivers affordable, safe and dependable medical air transport and non-emergency and emergency transport in the United States and worldwide. If you would like to know more about requesting an air ambulance service, visit Air Ambulance America’s website or call their phone number at 305-868-5378.