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Air Com Now Offers 90 Days Warranty on Aircon Servicing


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Aircon servicing, also called air conditioning services in general, can be hard to acquire these days specifically due to the fact that they are rather costly. However, many companies are now offering the most affordable prices for the convenience of their customers and Acom Air is one of the most well-known companies around these days. Based in Singapore, the Aircon servicing providers have come a long way by providing the most exclusive services to clients since a long period of time. The services they offer include servicing, repairing as well as the installation of all sorts of air-con units these days.

The best part is the fact that not only do they provide commercial but residential services as well. On the other hand, the company also offers an annual maintenance contract through which customers can benefit a lot by acquiring affordable and timely air-con servicing and repairing whenever they want or prefer. Apart from the general air conditioning services and the maintenance contract per year, air com also offers chemical services that interested customers can acquire if they are interested. When setting up Aircon servicing, the company takes a lot of interest in providing the customers with utmost satisfaction at any cost.

This is why they tend to offer 90 days workmanship for the convenience of customers at all times and it is by far more than any other company in the market. Cleaning air conditioners is essential, which is why it must be done every now and then. The management at Air Com recommends all clients to do this every three to four months at best in order to keep the air conditioners in perfect condition over a long period of time.

Moreover, by attaining these high end maintenance and repairing services, individuals can ensure breathing in clean and fresh air on a day to day basis in the long run. The chemical cleaning services provided by the company have also been praised immensely by their clientele and for those who wish to know more about the company and what it offers, it is important to visit as soon as possible. With their high end services, the company truly ensures air purification and cooling within air conditioners.

About Air Com
Air Com is an Aircon servicing company based within Singapore and known for its top notch services to all those who need them. The company is highly reputable as well as reliable, which is what the countless reviews and testimonials regarding it suggest online.

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