Air Conditioners Often Leak During Late Summer and Can Cause Water Damage Says Gold Coast Flood Restorations of San Diego, CA

Each year homeowners suffer the expense and the disruption of water damage that could be caused through an air conditioner unit. Gold Coast Flood Restorations of San Diego has launched a campaign to make people aware of what could cause an air conditioner to leak.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2015 -- Air conditioner floods or condensation line leaks are very common and if not dealt with straight away could cause water damage and very often mold, which could affect a person's health. Gold Coast Flood Restorations of San Diego, who has been offering water damage restoration services for over 20 years, has put some advice together to avoid serious problems that water damage could cause.

When air conditioning leaks, it can cause a serious amount of damage to a home. The following issues could cause water leaks in the AC system, and should be dealt with straight away.

1. If a condensate drain pipe is clogged, it could cause an AC system's drain pan to overflow. Plumbers have advised that this is the most common problem that can cause a leak. The drain line if not maintained properly could be clogged up with rust, dirt and other debris.

2. Drain pipe not installed properly. If a drain pipe is not professional installed or not installed properly, then over time it could loosen. That could cause it to disconnect from the unit and cause the overflow to go through the ceiling or onto the floor.

3. Dirty condensate pump. If the pump stops working properly, then this could cause a leakage from the AC system. That could result in the flooding of the basement or attic.

Gold Coast Flood Restorations of San Diego said other reasons, why an air condition could cause water damage, include: Clogged air filter, Low refrigerant, and Cracked condensate drain pan.

A spokesman for Gold Coast Flood Restorations said: "A lot of people do not understand how much water damage a faulty AC unit can cause. That is why it is important to contact a professional if any faults occur."

If a home has water damage in San Diego or surrounding area, then please contact Gold Coast Flood Restorations who provide a professional water restoration service

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