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Air Conditioning Even Matters in Army Vests: Gradwood Comments


Stockport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2015 -- Recent reports have highlighted the importance of effective air conditioning – even in the most extreme circumstances. It is suggested that The British Army is soon to test portable air conditioning vests in order to cool and regulate the body temperature of soldiers deployed in hotter climes. These garments are potentially capable of reducing body temperature, and this could be to a level as low as 20 degrees.

Having effective air conditioning is essential for functioning well in intense environments. The news of it being incorporated into clothing is not surprising, as allowing people in active position to still maintain an appropriate body temperature. This also suggests the increased and ultimately important rise in attention towards effective temperature management for working environments. Air conditioning plays a significant role across industries, for example in warehouses and workplaces, ensuring that the temperature is not only right for equipment to operate at an optimum level, but also to ensure workers do their job well.

That the army area also adopting air conditioning technologies shows the importance of keeping temperatures under control. A company well-aware of this is Gradwood – a key provider of air conditioning and ventilation technologies.

The company frequently comments on industry news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"Air conditioning technologies are essential across the working world. That the army is making additional provisions is important, and shows how important it is to promote a good working environment. That is why we offer a range of ventilation systems, for even the biggest areas – such as sports halls and warehouses – so an optimum environment can be achieved."

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