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HVACR Canberra Now Provides Information for Cutting Costs on Air Conditioning in Canberra

Besides heat, summer season is also characterized by an increase in power bills.


Canberra, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Besides heat, summer season is also characterised by an increase in power bills. With a view to save people from the huge expenses involved in the use of air conditioners, HVACR Canberra now provides information that will prove effective in cutting costs on Air conditioning in Canberra.

They begin by suggesting switch over to more eco-friendly options including solar thermal air conditioning that uses reduced energy units for its functioning as compared to a regular air conditioner. Before final purchase, customers should check the energy efficiency rating, which is inversely proportional to the power used. In other words, higher the ratings of an appliance, lesser will be its energy consumption.

Besides this, they also recommend proper servicing and maintenance of air conditioning system in frequent intervals to improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioners. According to HVACR Canberra, following basics such as filter replacement , inspection and cleaning of coils go a long way in reducing the amount and cost of energy used while prolonging the life of the machine. One of the representatives from HVACR Canberra mentions, “A few things you might want to do on a regular basis include changing the filter, and checking and cleaning the coils when necessary. It is also a good idea to get a regular service by an air conditioning professional to check for electrical issues, and take care of any more specialist maintenance requirements. This is especially the case for commercial air conditioners in office or apartment buildings.”

Aside from air conditioning, they also provide information on different aspects of refrigeration and heating in Canberra. HVACR Canberra is a family run and owned business that assists local people in their search for expert help for their varied HVAC needs of installation, maintenance and repair.

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