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Air Conditioning Is at the Forefront of Transport Technology...and Means Big Things for Business


Stockport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Recent reports have highlighted that air conditioning is seen as an essential feature for the modern worker and also a marker of modernity. This comes in light of announcements of a new carriage design for Northern Rail trains, as Arriva take over the running of regional services across Lancashire and Fylde. A new stock of trains has been proposed, with the feature of air conditioning championed as a marker of quality. It is in turn expected that this will serve as inspiration to wider businesses that good air conditioning is a marker of efficiency, especially in the busy working world. A number of businesses are already helping workspaces make that move to further modernity, including Gradwood.

Air conditioning is after all essential to maintaining a temperate and productive environment. This matters on trains, as often containing a number of workers – and similarly, offices and warehouses often contain a number of individuals in an enclosed space. Therefore, getting effective conditioning systems in place could be considered an important move for businesses this year if they have not done so already. Gradwood, a prominent industry expert and air conditioning provider was keen to comment on this:

"The new design of trains for Northern Rail champions air conditioning as an important service for the busy modern worker; even in a mass environment. That's why at Gradwood, we offer people the prospect of making this a possibility in the workspace too – even on an industrial level. We offer units which can be well-suited to factories, warehouses and sports halls, for example."

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