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Air Conditioning Mesa Company Releases 12 Air Conditioning Tips to Stay Cool This Summer


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- With temperatures throughout most of Arizona already reaching record highs, most businesses and homeowners are taking advantage of their hard working air conditioner units. But while an air conditioner provides much needed cool air, it can also cost owners a hefty amount of money in electricity bills, especially when they are not working properly.

To help people save money while keeping cool this summer, air conditioning Mesa company R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc. has just released 12 air conditioner tips and tricks of the trade. With more than 25 years in the business, the company offers a wide range of high quality heating and cooling services for businesses, homeowners and multifamily complexes throughout the Scottsdale, Chandler and Mesa, Arizona areas.

The company’s newly released 12-tip guide provides insight into some of the simplest and quickest ways to save money on air conditioning Scottsdale and how to keep a unit in top working order. As part of the money-saving tips included in the pamphlet, the company recommends customers should: keep the filters clean, make sure the air conditioner is properly shaded, invest in a programmable thermostat, keep the area around an air conditioner free of debris and plants, and have the air conditioner unit inspected, tuned and cleaned by a professional annually to maintain efficiency.

The air conditioning Chandler company also points out the amount of money that can be saved by keeping a close eye on the thermostat. According to R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc., each degree a person dials below 78 degrees increases their energy consumption by about eight percent. This means for a monthly electric bill of about $100, a person can save $8 a month for each degree they stay above 78.

Another way to save even more money in the long term is by replacing an older air conditioner with a new energy-efficient model.

R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc. said, “While energy-efficient models are usually more expensive, thanks to federal tax credits and competitive prices, the prices are falling. And because they use less energy, you save in the long run. When replacing your A/C, look for a properly sized unit. If you install a unit that is too large, it will cycle on and off – reducing the efficiency of the system.”

The air conditioning repair Mesa company also discusses other methods to keep cool during the summer, including fans, tinting and more.

Featuring flat rate, upfront pricing, the factory-trained technicians at R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc. provide customers with air conditioning, heating, ventilation, indoor air quality and outdoor fogging services.

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About R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc.
For more than 25 years, R.T. Brown Mechanical, Inc. has been providing high quality air conditioning, heating ventilation, indoor air quality and outdoor fogging services to homeowners, businesses and multifamily complexes. Licensed, bonded and insured, the company offers services to people throughout Scottsdale, Chandler and Mesa, Arizona.