Air Conditioning Service HQ Helps Homeowners Avoid Unnecessary AC Repair Bills


Wantage, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Spring is in the air, a time when a young man’s thoughts turn to… I wonder if my air conditioner will give me trouble this summer. If spring is here that means summer is right around the corner and your air conditioner will be working extra hard to keep you cool. Which is why Ron Carter of AirConditioningService recommends a little springtime maintenance, it could help you keep your cool this summer. “At my retail store the air conditioner always seemed to go out on the hottest days of the summer” recalled Mr. Carter.

There are many reasons why your air conditioner seems to pick the hottest day of the year to stop working. First the system has to work longer, if not around the clock during an excessive heat spell. Second many AC units that are “just getting by” can keep a house comfortable on warm days but can’t keep up on extremely hot days.

Spring is the ideal time to have routine maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. “AC companies use the spring to perform maintenance on AC systems because all summer long they’re performing emergency service calls or replacing broken AC units” said Mr. Carter. Routine maintenance insures that your unit will perform properly when needed, but a well maintained air conditioner is also much more energy efficient which will save money over the long hot summer. offers a list of eight easy AC maintenance tips any homeowner can do.

“Even with proper maintenance your system can still breakdown, that’s why I started Air Conditioning Service Headquarters to help homeowners when their AC won’t work” Said Ron “I remember nearly twenty years ago my neighbor, a single mom raising two children told me that she just paid $150.00 for an electrician to come to her house and turn on a tripped breaker”. Air Conditioning Service HQ was started to help homeowners avoid expensive and unnecessary repair bills. It offers homeowners easy AC troubleshooting checklists to use before you call for service. It also provides plenty of information on how your air conditioner works, so if and when you have to call for service you will be more informed and confident.

So this spring prepare your Air conditioner for the summer with a routine cleaning and some simple maintenance. This could help to keep your AC running in the long hot days of summer.

Air conditioning service headquarters was created to help homeowners avoid unnecessary air conditioner service calls. It contains pages of easy step by step checklists for homeowners of any DIY skill level. It also contains info on AC replacement, service contracts, HVAC companies and much more.

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