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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- There’s a reason why Air Duct Cleaning Pro has the term ‘Pro’ as part of the company’s name. With over three decades of experience on the field in air duct cleaning, attic cleaning, air conditioner installation and repair and insulation replacement, it stands out as a professional Air Duct Cleaning Service Company.

While the company provides a slew of cleaning services, what it is known and trusted the most for is its air duct cleaning service. Vacuuming and general cleaning and swabbing of upholstery is something that homeowners can do themselves. What this company brings to the table is top notch cleaning technology, experienced staff and a dedication to get the job done and to do it well. The air that flows through the air ducts of a Los Angeles home is what the family breathes in. invariably the air ducts are neglected by the residents. But an unclean air duct is usually the primary reason for ill health, breathing problems and disease.

The professional services provided the by the company ensure a clean air duct. In addition to this, air duct repairs and replacement too are handled deftly.

Other spaces that are part of almost every home in the city, but are equally neglected are the attic and the crawl space. These too gather a lot of harmful dust and dirt. While they may not pose as big a challenge to clean as an air duct, it takes a lot of patience and a pretty strong back to really clean them. And that is where the company’s Attic Cleaning Service comes to the rescue. This is done by trained professionals who are willing to get down and dirty, just so one’s family is safe from harmful germs and dust.

About Air Duct Cleaning pro
Air Duct Cleaning pro is a Los Angeles based cleaning services company that provides professional, high quality air duct and attic space cleaning services. The company is a trusted name with over thirty of experience in the field.

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