Air Filters Are a Wise Investment in Any Market Says Comfort Parts


Blue Springs, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- Nearly 50% of the average home’s utility bill is directly related to heating and cooling.  With rising energy costs representing such a growing concern, one of the most effective ways to save money in the coming winter months is replacing air filters.  With winter approaching, all home owners should check their air filters and consider replacing them.  Replacing an air filter can be highly beneficial to the physical and financial health of the home owner.

An inefficient air filter can cause both short term and long term financial costs according to Fred Gicinto, owner of Comfort Parts, "Replacing your home's air filter can significantly reduce energy costs and prolong the life of your furnace."  A clogged air filter can prevent air circulation throughout the house.  This often leads homeowners to run their furnace far longer than is necessary during the winter months.  This inefficiency leads to higher utility bills for the home owner.

A clogged air filter also places a much greater strain on a home’s furnace.  Many vital parts within a furnace are cooled by air coming through the filter.  As the filter is clogged, these parts run at higher temperatures.  This strain shortens the life of a furnace and can lead to costly repairs or the need to replace a furnace.  This generally comes at the least opportune times when the homeowner is most in need of a functioning unit.

There are also health consequences to running a furnace with a clogged filter.  According to Mr. Gicinto "A clean air filter will not only keep your home more comfortable, but is also a good way to protect the health of your family."  As a filter ages, it loses the ability to remove harmful particles and allergens from the air.  This can exacerbate health problems and worsen the effects of living in a chilly house.

Mr. Gicinto recommends that home owners check their air filters monthly.  When an air filter begins to show signs of use, it is time to replace it.  He also advises that air filters are not “one-size-fits-all.”  Most local hardware stores and chains lack the space to offer air filters for older models and brands.  Consulting with an air filter specialist is the best way to make sure your warm stays healthy and warm in the winter months.

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