Air Hockey Table Market Projected to Witness Vigorous Expansion by 2028

Air Hockey Table Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Review 2018 to 2028


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- Global Air Hockey Table Market: Overview

With the rapid growth of recreational games, air hockey has found an extensive space not only in the sports sector but as a crucial source of recreation among all age groups. Air hockey is a pace and thrilling game that demands unique skills to be one step ahead of the opponent. Air hockey tables are increasingly being incorporated in bars, gaming arcades, clubs, recreational rooms, shopping malls and amusement parks and air hockey is an upcoming trend in the recreational and sports sector. Air hockey can be played by all age groups and hence, garners demand as a form of recreation for all. Further, the emerging trend of installing game rooms in houses is driving the demand for air hockey tables as they are feasible and favored by consumers. The global market for air hockey tables consists of small and large manufacturers, and is majorly driven by local or regional manufacturers. Since air hockey tables are flexible and affordable, they are opted by the middle-class as well as high-class societies.

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With commercial as well as residential use, air hockey has been emerging as a recreational game with air hockey tables beings installed in shopping complexes, gaming arcades, etc. Air hockey tables have successfully gained space not only in retail outlets but also in online sales channels. Several organizations and associations keeping an eye on regulations are compelling manufacturers to provide the best quality air hockey tables.

Global Air Hockey Table Market: Dynamics

A primary factor driving the air hockey table market is the rapid increase in the construction of malls and clubs in developing regions. Since Air hockey Table is affordable and requires less space than other recreational games, has been the prior game chosen when spending over on installing game rooms in the home or society. The portable air hockey table or the tabletop air hockey table has led to high growth in the market as this table can be kept in small spaces and offers easy maintenance. Attributing to its cost-effectiveness and the easy availability of raw materials for manufacturing, the air hockey table has witnessed high growth in the market.

The advent of the four-player air hockey table, which enables multiple players to play simultaneously on a single table, is an emerging trend in the air hockey table market. This invention has garnered a lot of attention among end-users and has led to the rapid growth of the air hockey table market. The growing arcade games market and the rise of air hockey as a recreation activity have led to the growth of the air hockey table market. Increasing air hockey championships and tournaments in developing regions have led to the moderate growth of the air hockey table market.

A key restraint for the market includes obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies for air hockey tables to be used in the professional gaming market. Further, the greater occupancy of the arcade style air hockey table and its higher cost will have an indirect impact on the decline of the market growth.

Global Air Hockey Table Market: Regional Overview

Developed economies of North America and Europe have a large number of prominent air hockey table companies with high investment capabilities and significant demand for air hockey tables. Also, there is an increasing trend of installing gaming areas in residences in North America and Europe, which will provide increased opportunities for the air hockey table market. Rapidly emerging clubs, malls, etc. serve the majority of the air hockey table demand in developing regions such as APEJ and MEA. The sports industry in Latin America is rapidly emerging, while the demand for air hockey tables is observed to be low in this region. The presence of various associations in several areas such as the U.S. Air Hockey Table Association (USAA) and Air Hockey Player Associations, will drive the growth of the air hockey table market. Therefore, North America & Europe are expected to account for a larger market size while Asia Pacific is pegged to experience higher growth in the air hockey table market. Countries such as China and Japan are manufacturing tables at lower costs, inventing new trends and driving technology changes. Thus, these countries are expected to drive the growth of the market.

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