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Air Pollution Is the Secret Villain Causing Sinus Infection for Most Americans


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2012 -- As air pollution becomes a growing problem, more Americans are seeking information on how to treat sinusitis problems and various sinus infections at sinusitisinfection.org. The informational resource Website explains the causes, symptoms and treatments of the various forms of sinusitis.

Regardless of climate or part of the country, most people experience some form of sinusitis at one time or another. As the prevalence of air pollution increases throughout the country, the incidence of sinusitis rises among the population. Since the severity and duration of the sinus infection can vary from mild to severe, Americans are seeking information on how to diagnose and treat sinusitis at SinusitisInfection.org. “The Website provides an online resource for people to learn about the inner workings of the sinus, differing sinus infections and what they can do to prevent or treat sinusitis,” said a sinusitisinfection.org specialist.

The Website has a number of articles that deal with all aspects of the sinus cavity and the differing types of infections that can affect them. “The sinus cavity has tiny hairs called Cilia that act as defense against dirt and germs,” said the Website specialist. “When these defenses are overwhelmed by bacteria or viruses, sinusitis can occur.”

While headache is the most common symptom of congested sinuses, more severe infections can escalate to facial pain in the nose, eyes and cheek areas or migraine-like intensity. Because sinuses are connected gaps in the head, the infection may also affect the ears by causing dizziness and perceived loss of balance.

In addition, the Website explains the differences between bacterial sinus infections and viral sinus infections as well as other causes such as nasal structure. “Depending on the level of acuteness of the sinusitis and whether it is bacterial or viral, a sinus infection can last for days, weeks or even months,” said the Website specialist. “Although we provide information on diagnosing sinusitis, the best method is through an X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) scan.”

Sinusitis treatment and prevention methods are also discussed in depth to assist individuals before and during a sinus infection. “It is becoming more difficult for people to avoid air pollution and low quality indoor air, so the Website has become a great information resource for the increasing numbers of people that will suffer from sinusitis,” said the Website specialist. For more information, please visit http://www.sinusitisinfection.org/

About SinusitisInfection.org
The Sinusitis Infection Website is meant to increase awareness of the differing forms of sinusitis and treatment methods. The resource Website delves into the anatomy of the sinus cavity and the primary bacterial and viral causes of sinus infection. Readers are also given information about how to diagnose sinusitis as well as its potential duration and treatment options.