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Revolutionary New Low Cost, User Friendly Air Quality Monitor for Smart Cities Launched by Israeli Group


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- AirBase Systems Ltd, a start-up environmental technology group, have launched a range of high quality sensors devices for both indoor and outdoor use. The market price of units is approx. $500 - $600 and equipped to measure levels of Ozone, Nitrogen Di-Oxide, total VOC (volatile organic compounds), total suspended particles (TSP), noise, and relative humidity. The units are programmable to include other stressors such as odor, light and sulphur dioxide and works by combining nanotechnology sensors with internet connectivity. Data is delivered via Wi-Fi or GSM to the AirBase data cloud. This has several advantages of traditional data storage methods. By storing information to a remote database, multiple devices have access to a “community” of knowledge and dependency on one access terminal is eliminated. Data will also be made available to mobile phones.

Of all current sensor solutions , AirBase is the only one that offers comprehensive answers to the most crucial mobile challenges offering: precise information; full coverage – outdoors and indoors; personal guidelines and feedbacks; centralization and simple - highly accessible sensors per unit price. Users are expected to include municipalities, community groups, citizen scientists and those individuals whose health is affected by air pollution. The pollution monitoring units can be used singly or to form a network – useful for Smart City projects.

Irad Kuhnreich, Founder and CEO of AirBase Systems, says of the breakthrough system; “This is a revolution in air quality monitoring. For the first time, citizens and communities can take control of monitoring their own environment and share the data with the world at large. The dramatic reduction in device cost, combined with the availability of aggregated data on the Internet, has the potential to open everyone’s eyes to the damaging levels of air pollution that affect us all. With this knowledge, we can change our behaviors to better look after the health of ourselves and our children.”

The OECD latets report indicated that in 2050, more people are goining to due as a result of air pollution then of those exposes to polluted water. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution constitutes a major environmental risk to human health, estimated to cause approximately 2 million premature deaths worldwide per annum. Aphekom, a European research group, found out that the monetary health benefits from complying with the WHO guideline would total some €31.5 billion annually, including savings on health expenditures, absenteeism and intangible costs such as wellbeing, life expectancy and quality of life. New research consistently points to the dire health effects generated by air pollution such as premature births, cognitive development disorders, heart conditions, loss of work days due to poor indoor air quality and many other negative effects upon human wellbeing. Furthermore, air pollution damages agriculture and the natural forest. Over the years multiple studies have shown alarming figures of crop loss, up to 10%, due to air pollution.

The product is a technology breakthrough for the environmental industry. Current technology, used by cities around the world, is extremely expensive, unreliable and much less sensitive compared to the new AirBase product. CanarIT, at $600 per device, will dramatically change the cost and accessibility of pollution monitoring systems.

The first customers are taking delivery of CanarIT units in April, and the company is taking orders for the next production run. Customers come from the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and represent municipalities, environmental consultants, utilities, telecoms, engineering consultants, weather enthusiasts, and air pollution campaigners.

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About AirBase Systems
AirBase Systems is an environmental technology company designing networked environmental sensors for air quality monitoring, and building a database of highly accurate air quality information for municipalities, businesses, NGOs, and individuals. The company was founded in Israel in 2010 and has business operations in Berlin, Germany.