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Air Rifle Centre Opens to Reduce Gun Crime


Cardigan, Ceredigion -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/11/2015 -- A man based in Wraxall is looking to set up an air rifle range for children, young people and families in a bid to combat rising rates of gun crime. The range will include supplementary activities too, such as fishing and archery. The initiative comes after members of the public in the area found that shooting ranges were inaccessible to non-specialists; waiting lists and members' only clubs abounded. The new centre will seek to involve people of all ages, especially families.

There have been concerns about gun crime, involving both air rifles and real firearms in Wraxall, and many areas throughout the UK. Anti-social behaviour with the use of air and BB guns in particular has been a cause for apprehension by many, particularly in urban areas. The new practice will seek to combat this with a healthy interest in the sport, directed in a productive manner which could be beneficial the community.

About Cardigan Sports
Cardigan Sports are a leading supplier of air guns, rifles, archery equipment and crossbows. Specialising in target practice equipment and skirmish apparatus, they are eager commentators on developments and news in the field. A spokesperson said, 'This is a highly promising initiative, one which we fully support and are impressed by. Air guns and rifles are becoming increasingly popular with young people and families as a hobby and passion outside of work, school or college. Target practice is good for hand eye coordination, and has been used as an informal source of therapy by many for centuries.

The additional benefit of the centre directing energies from potential crimes into a productive space such as this is also brilliant. It will no doubt be a wonderful outlet for the community, a place for people to gather and build new skills together. Air gun sports are extraordinarily versatile in this sense. We anticipate such initiatives will continue to expand in popularity.'

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