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Air Squared, Inc. Has Been Given a Contract to Develop Scroll Compressor in NASA MOXIE Demonstration Unit for Mars 2020 Mission


Broomfield, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2016 -- Industry leader in oil-free scroll design and manufacturing, Air Squared, Inc. has been awarded a contract for designing and developing a CO2 scroll compressor from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This compressor will be used in the MOXIE technology demonstration experiment for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Mars 2020 mission. Early in 2015, the main aim of the paper study was to see whether scroll technology could be used to meet or exceed the huge requirements of the MOXIE CO2 compressor. As per the study, the scroll technology was not only feasible but also offered various advantages over competing technologies, such as reciprocating technology.

The company will now develop two different scroll designs that will be extensively tested in 2016 and then integrated in the MOXIE technology demonstration experiment. The major purpose of this scroll design is to offer improved performance over a traditional single-stage scroll design. The company holds several patents related to novel multi-stage scroll configurations and has also developed various multi-stage scroll compressors, vacuum pumps, and expanders. The company is known for offering a complete range of patented oil-free scroll solutions that have been specifically designed, engineered, and perfected to satisfy the most unique and demanding applications.

Talking more about the contract, one of the representatives of the company stated, "Air Squared will now develop and extensively test two different scroll designs for the MOXIE technology demonstration experiment. The first, a single-stage scroll design, has the potential for lower complexity and reduced mass. The second, a two-stage scroll design, will offer lower power consumption."

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Air Squared, Inc. was founded in 1991 to service the needs of OEMs with oil-free scroll solutions for demanding positive displacement applications. Twenty years later, Air Squared is the industry leader in oil-free scroll design and manufacturing, with more experience and more scroll compressor models than any other company.

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