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Air Swimmers eXtreme Review and Videos on Top Christmas Toy Website highlights details about the new Animal Planet Air Swimmers.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2011 -- While remote control cars, planes and boats have been strong sellers during the holiday season, the Top Christmas Toy website is showing parents a very different remote control alternative with Air Swimmers eXtreme. Also known as the Ultimate Flying Fish, Air Swimmers eXtreme are helium balloons that are guided through the air with a remote control. There’s a 57 inch shark and the 36 inch clownfish, which is reminiscent of the character Nemo, from the movie “Finding Nemo.”

“There are a lot of remote control vehicles out there, but Animal Planet Air Swimmers are definitely one of the most unique I’ve ever seen,” explained Melissa Carter, owner of the website. “Air Swimmers glide through the air with their back fins flapping as if they’re underwater. They can turn left and right a full 360 degrees. Plus the remote has a 40 foot range, giving kids plenty of room to maneuver.”

Carter’s review covers tips for filling the balloons, remote control battery power and storage options. She includes links to online stores where Air Swimmers can be purchased inexpensively. Visitors to the website will also find one commercial-like video showing how Air Swimmers eXtreme glide through the air and another providing assembly instructions.

“I want parents to see how fun these are. But I also want them to see how easy it is to put one together. There’s nothing worse than getting a toy home and realizing that it takes four hours to assemble” laughed Carter.

To read her full review and to see where to purchase Air Swimmers visit the Top Christmas Toy website at (

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