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Air Texas World: Provocative Novella Takes Readers on a Thrilling Journey Into Dallas' Elite

From new author John Northcut, ‘Air Texas World’ is the ultimate ‘leisure time read’. Primarily a travel writer, Northcut lends his expertise to this electrifying tale of a Texas family, their airline and everything in between.


Champlain, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Taking a peek into the homes – and lives – of the rich and famous is a thrilling pastime for the average person, offering a glimpse into a mysterious and glamorous world.

New author John Northcut offers a wider look into the scandals, successes and sensuality of the elite, with his debut novella, ‘Air Texas World’. Allowing readers to dive straight into the action, ‘Air Texas World’ traces the voyage of one dysfunctional family who own an airline in Dallas, Texas.

“I’ve always been fascinated by family-owned businesses and what goes on behind closed doors,” says Northcut. “They are different than regular companies, because along with the office politics, you have family dynamics too.”

From the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas, to the drawing rooms of Highland Park Mansions, and on to Tokyo, Montreal, New York and a lakeside resort in Switzerland, ‘Air Texas World’ is a fast-paced, glitzy and exhilarating tale of power, corruption and sex.


Air Texas World is a novella about the world of business in Dallas and scandal, failures, successes and redemption among its élite.

Since its publication, the book has earned rave reviews from readers.

“This novella, Air Texas World by John Northcut caught my attention and I ordered it on Kindle and finished reading it in one sitting. It is gripping, superbly readable and entertains you till end. The parallel drawn between Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the characters in this book is amazing. Reading it is a delight,” wrote Mohammed Nassehu Ali.

‘Air Texas World’ is available now from Amazon.com and from leading bookstores.

About the Author: John Northcut
John Northcut was born in Dallas during World War II not far from the Dallas Public Library (Main Branch). As a child he lived in Oak Cliff, attending creative writing classes held by the legendary Siddie Joe Johnson at the temporary location of the Dallas Public Library (Main Branch) on the upper floors of Union Station. These occurred as a newer DPL was being constructed near the old Dallas City Hall. Once the new library opened, he gave a reading of his short story at the Library in the 1950s.

After a long career in the US military, in the business world and as a senior international civil servant with the United Nations (almost all overseas), he retired to devote himself anew to writing. However, during his long career at the United Nations he did publish several articles about his travels in local Texas newspapers and for UN employee newsletters. He also co-authored a Computer Security Handbook for the UN.

Air Texas World was written, except for the final chapter, during a trip to Switzerland several years ago. The final chapter was written while aboard the Queen Mary 2 on a voyage from Southampton, UK to Brooklyn, New York late in 2013. The novella was then published for sale on Amazon.com and at bookstores both in North America and in Europe. A translation into French is planned.

This is his first novella, about the élite Dallas business world and a family living in a Highland Park mansion on Beverly Drive. Its themes are scandal, failure, success and redemption.

Mr. Northcut next book, a long memoir entitled No Regrets Abroad, has been completed and will be published later this year. A third book about the life of a Texas woman in the early 20th century is planned to be available in 2015.

He attended Adamson High School in Dallas and graduated with a B. A. from the State University of New York. Mr. Northcut currently resides with his wife in Montréal, Canada.