Airbnb MultiChat Launches to Provide Integrated Cross-Platform Airbnb Management System

Airbnb MultiChat developers are celebrating launch of the beta version of their product giving free access for a year to the full product to anyone who signs up and helps test the revolutionary new platform.


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2016 -- Airbnb has one of the most disruptive influences in the new digital economy, where providing sharing platforms for products and services is more profitable than producing these products or providing these services. It allowed property owners to get superior ROI from their properties by renting them out short-term instead of long-term. But successfully managing multiple properties comes with significant limitations. Airbnb MultiChat is a brand new platform designed to overcome those limitations and make managing multiple properties and accounts easier than ever. This web-based application has recently been launched in closed beta, and is now open for new users.

The new Airbnb guest management system is primarily designed to help professional property managers simultaneously manage multiple Airbnb accounts on the same device and become a truly powerful superhost. They can easily provide extraordinary services to both guests and property owners from a variety of platforms (PC, Mac, tablet) which allows them to multiply revenue streams by promptly attending to multiple listings of their customers.

Managing multiple isolated Airbnb accounts helps lower risks of one single listing negatively affecting the revenue of multiple other listings sharing the same account. There were numerous cases in the past when popular accounts were shut down because of city by-law restrictions, issues with third parties, or even hackers. Diversifying properties across accounts means the whole house of cards won't fall if there is a problem with a single listing. Such approach also helps successfully maintain superhost status, as even a single cancellation on any one property can result in loss of superhost badge.

Airbnb MultiChat helps managers create convenient communication templates, deliver guest instructions and even share listings between other property managers. Such collaboration ability is a key feature of the product, allowing any host to get assistance from other hosts and get a break from their routine management work. KeyCafe integration is another important feature making guest check-in and check-out a seamless and streamlined process.

According to a Airbnb Multi Chat spokesperson, "We are really thrilled to announce closed beta of our Airbnb management platform, which is the very first all-inclusive guest management system allowing property managers to provide the best experience for both guests and property owners more efficiently and economically than ever, saving their time and growing reputation at the same time. "

About Airbnb Multichat
Airbnb Multichat is a brand new product on the market. It was created in response to the growing demand from property managers. MultiChat enables streamlined, simplified day-to-day management of multiple Airbnb accounts.

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