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AirBorn Coatings Introduces Variety of Industrial Coating Products


Mount Holly, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Machine and parts coating is essential to producing a quality product. Machine and automotive parts come under tremendous stress, heat and wear and must be coated properly in order to withstand these pressures. AirBorn Coating is pleased to introduce a variety of industrial coating products that serve a wide range of needs.

AirBorn Coatings, located at on the web, can provide a coating for almost any type of application, including:

- JetCoat Aluminum ceramic coatings.
- Powder coatings.
- Dry film coatings.
- Specialty coatings.
- Anti-weld spatter coatings.

AirBorn Coatings specializes in small to medium production runs and can coat both automotive and machine components quickly and effectively. Skilled operators apply these coatings manually, allowing for complete, even coverage over even hard-to-coat pieces. The AirBorn Coatings facilities have full cleaning, degreasing and stripping or blasting capabilities to ensure a clean part and good coverage for all coatings.

Furthermore, AirBorn Coatings offers a special Quality Assurance Program. Every piece is visually inspected by trained technicians to ensure that overall appearance and coating thickness is uniform and consistent. The professionals at AirBorn Coatings understand the diversity of coatings and their purposes and strive to provide quality in every job, big or small.

All pieces can be delivered and returned via UPS shipping or by a customer-designated carrier. Most individual items can be processed within 24 hours, while specialty items may take longer.

AirBorn Coatings offers a variety of coatings to meet every industrial and individual need for reliable part and component protection. With the help of AirBorn Coatings, businesses can protect their valuable equipment investments with proven protective coatings to fit every demand.

About AirBorn Coatings
AirBorn Coatings are applied professionally and provide protection for all types of automotive and steel parts. The professionals at AirBorn Coatings understand how to deliver quality products and apply them effectively for a variety of uses. With strategic partnerships with top teams like Joe Gibbs Racing and Paul Jr Designs where you can see the exhaust pipes on bikes built like “The Cadillac Bike/911 Memorial Bike” and many others that have our JetCoat ceramic coating performing on them.

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