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Airborn Industries Introduces Fast Delivery and Professional Installation of Industrial Balers


Mount Holly, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- Buying quality balers for a business location is already expensive and time-consuming enough without "door-to-door" delivery problems. Most store owners have no idea how to set up a baler machine safely and correctly or how to train employees in the safe use of a cardboard baler. Similarly, farmers must consider worker safety when working with a hay baler or other heavy equipment and rely on experts to demonstrate safe practices. Airborn Industries, located on the web at , manufactures the best quality vertical balers and other industrial balers and also delivers, sets up and trains staff in how to use these machines.

Many companies offer balers for sale but say nothing about delivery or setup. This is because a vertical baler is a heavy piece of equipment that requires technical know-how to install. A paper baler, horizontal baler or recycling balers can also pose safety issues for those who use them if they are not instructed properly, and many companies simply do not want to be bothered with hiring and training technicians to operate these balers safely and teach others how to use the included safety equipment. For many companies, once the mini baler or square baler arrives at the door, it is someone else's problem. This can result in serious injury or even death if someone attempts to use the equipment without the proper training or knowledge, or if the machinery is installed incorrectly, wired improperly or set up in a way that does not account for basic user safety.

Airborn Industries takes a different view, however. At Airborn Industries, customer safety comes first. By providing safe delivery and installation of this heavy equipment, Airborn Industries knows that customers will not take unnecessary risks in moving or attempting to install these large pieces. Further, by providing basic instruction in how to use the equipment, Airborn Industries knows that the designated company representative has learned the safety procedures that go along with the machinery and can use the equipment safely and properly.

With the help of Airborn Industries, safe delivery, installation and training are all part of the package when customers purchase heavy equipment.

About Airborn Industries
Airborn Industries is a company that provides fast and efficient delivery and setup of all types of industrial equipment. Not only can customers purchase a quality baler or other heavy equipment from Airborn Industries but the company will also deliver and install the piece as well as provide instruction so that someone in the company knows the safety features and the limitations of the equipment. With the help of Airborn Industries, companies can get the heavy equipment they need along with the reassurance that they will have the support they require to use the machinery safely.

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