AC Repair Austin Publishes List of Helpful Repair Hints for Homeowners

Ac Repair Austin Owners urge homeowners to check filters among other easy fixes before calling in repair contractors


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- National weather databases show even the later months of summer in Austin, TX are characterized by daily high temperature averages of 96°F throughout the month, often exceeding 101°F. For those battling a struggling air conditioning unit, this can be a miserable experience, especially if families have young children, elderly loved ones or family members with asthma in the home. While many may think they can wait out the summer for cooler weather, statistics show it could be November before average temperatures reach a range where the air conditioning will no longer be needed during the day. With this in mind, a local contractor specializing in ac repair in Austin has published a list of tips to help the average homeowner with basic checks they can do themselves.

Confirms Travis Elron of AC Repair Austin, "If your system isn’t running or cooling, you should try to narrow down where the problem is before you call an air conditioning repair contractor. But, most people don't know quite where to start. That's why we've published some helpful hints on home Austin air conditioning repair the average person can use. We hate to come out to help, charge a service call and find out the problem was with the AC filters. And believe us, that happens more times than we'd like to admit."

The website, according to Elron, strives to be more than just an advertisement for the company. "We seek to provide helpful information the public can use to know whether or not they need to call out a contractor to help them a this point. Money is tight for a number of people these days, and if they can minimize the money they spend, they certainly should. We also offer tips when it comes to deciding whether to have your old unit repaired or replaced. It's a fine line and you need to have an expert offer you solid advice on the topic."

Elron goes on to emphasize, replacing versus buying new is a an individualized decision, and there is no one right answer for every situation. "Homeowners have to factor in criteria such as how old the actual unit is. The rule of thumb in the industry says that if the unit is over ten years old, you should replace because you can get a more energy efficient one today. However, if it's a simple fix, you may not necessarily want to do it. Talk the matter over with qualified air conditioners repair contractors in Austin before making a definitive decision." says Elron.

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