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Aircraft Ejection Seats Market: Rising Use in Light Commercial Aircraft & Combat Helicopters to Drive Demand

The aircraft ejection seats market is primarily driven by the innovation of the aircraft fleet. Aircrafts are now developing an improved layer of technologies and are reviewing new fuselage patterns.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2017 -- Aircraft ejection seat is a type of system designed to rescue the crew/pilot of an aircraft during emergency situation. In an aircraft ejection seat, the seat is boosted out of the aircraft by an explosive charge carrying the pilot with the seat. Once the seat is ejected out of the aircraft, it deploys a parachute so that the pilot lands safely on the ground. The main purpose of the ejection seat is safety and survival of the pilot and crew. Ejection seat is one of the most complicated pieces of equipment on an aircraft. Airplanes flying at low speed and low altitude use a dissimilar sequence from that of jets flying at high altitudes and high speed. Pilots do not need to freely fall at low altitude; hence, the main parachute opens immediately. The decisions are based on altitude, weight of passengers, speed are already made for the pilot before he vacates the aircraft.

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The aircraft ejection seats market is primarily driven by the innovation of the aircraft fleet. Aircrafts are now developing an improved layer of technologies and are reviewing new fuselage patterns. The new technologies help in customizing cabin components with integrative and lightweight design by using refined design solutions. Another major driver for this market is the increasing adoption and development of two-seater fighter jets. These jets are being developed and manufactured widely across the globe. This fuels the growth of the market for aircraft ejection seats.

The market growth is restrained by injuries sustained at the time of ejection. At the time of ejection, there are possibilities that the seat ejection malfunctions, due to which injuries are caused to the pilot/crew. This factor is likely to have medium impact in the short term of the forecast period.

One of the major opportunities in the aircraft ejection seats market is application of these seats in light commercial aircrafts and combat helicopters. Companies are now coming up with new developments in the design of aircraft ejection seats to improve the safety of pilots. Hastening the activation of the parachute after ejection and increasing trajectory height of the seat in a favorable direction would ensure the safety of the pilot and crew. Martin-Baker has developed an ejection seat with multi-tube rocket packs, which are designed to fit precisely in the small space between the lowermost part of the cockpit floor and the seat bucket. This design provides more thrust of the ejection catapult and expands the trajectory to provide more time for the parachute to open.

On the basis of application, the aircraft ejection seats market has been segmented into combat aircraft ejection seats and training aircraft ejection seats. The combat aircraft ejection seats segment accounted for the maximum share, followed by the training aircraft ejection seats in the global aircraft seats market. Based on components, the market has been divided into seat actuators, foams & fittings, and others. On geographical basis, the market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Increasing demand for military spending in countries such as the U.S., India, China, and Russia is likely to lead to development of fifth-generation fighter jets and aircraft components during the forecast period. Moreover, major Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have increased their investments in modern combat aircrafts, due to constant threats from the militant terrorists group. France and Russia would be a key contributing factor in the growth of the market for the development of new fighter jets with advanced ejection seats.

Some of the major players operating in the global aircraft ejection seats market comprise Martin Baker, NPP Zvezda, SEMMB, UTC Aerospace Systems, Airborne Systems NA Inc., Survival Equipment Services Ltd., and Neomega Resin.