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Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System Market New Technology Growth and Trends 2018 - 2028

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Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2019 -- A turboprop engine are used for the propulsion of the aircraft propeller, it is usually a turbine engine. The Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System in contrast to a turbojet does not uses the energy from exhaust gases to create the thrust as it utilizes all the engine' power to drive the propellers.

A simple Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System consists of turbine, compressor, combustor, intake and propelling nozzles. Air is drawn into the intake and compressed by the compressor, with addition of fuel to this compressed air energy is produced for the propulsion system of the aircraft. This technology to provide thrust with the propeller system is quite old and is commonly in found in medium and small commercial aircraft in the market. The first American turboprop engine was GE's XT31 and it was first used in the consolidated Vultee XP-81. During the flight, the propeller maintains a 100% engine speed. This speed can be named as the design speed as the maximum power and efficiency can be obtained.

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Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System Market: Dynamics

The global Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System market is expected to grow as this system has cost effective maintenance that will positively impact the overall growth of the market. A simple design and usage of minimum moving parts in the Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System in comparison with the turbojet engines is one of the prominent advantages for the increasing adoption of Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System in the global aircraft market. Moreover, the Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System has less complicated operation of the engine which gives better reliability. Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System is known for long operational life and the working time and overhaul (TBO) for this systems ranges from 3,200 to 3,000 hours in comparison with the other aircraft engines which have TBO of 2,000 to 1,600 hours. After analyzing the above factors it shows that the Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System have lower maintenance costs than the other aircraft engines in the global market. The prominent trends for the aircraft turboprop propeller system is the execution of improved blade designs to achieve better fuel efficiency and this trends will continue to contribute to the growth of the global Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System market over the forthcoming years.

The stable growth in global gross domestic product, stronger urge of travel demand from the global consumers and the relatively lower commodity prices such as crude oil, lubricants, etc. is anticipated to drive the commercial aircraft market which in turn will fuel the demand for the global aircraft turboprop propeller system market over the forecast period. With the growth of aviation industry and the lesser travel times to any place on the earth, the world has metaphorically become a smaller place. It has also given growth to the personal horizons, expanding exponentially to the places, cultures, people, or experiences as travelers can get right of entry by just booking the flights. The United Nations World Tourism Organization has proven how much travel for tourism purposes has improved globally; in the 1950's, the pinnacle 15 country locations absorbed 98% over all global vacationer arrivals; into the 70's the share used to be 75%, of the recent millennium it run into in conformity with much less than 60% or is certain to peruse further. This surely shows the manifestation of our new travel destinations and many of them are among the rising and developing countries. The above factors will open-endedly drive the global aircraft turboprop propeller market during the forecast period.

Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System Market: Segmentation

The Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System market can be segmented based on material, component, sales channel and aircraft type.

By Material

Composite-based propellers
Aluminum-based propellers
By Component:

By Sales Channel

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer
MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation)
By Aircraft Type:

Military Aircraft
Civil Aircraft
Commercial Aircraft

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Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System Market: Key Participants

Examples of some of the market participants in the global Aircraft Turboprop Propeller System market are:

Dowty Propellers
United Technology Corporation (UTC)
Hartzell Propeller
Dowty Propellers
MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH:
McCauley Propeller Systems
GE Aviation
Safran Group