AIRMATIC Inc. Now Offers Silo Power Washing, Inspection and Repair


Malvern, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2017 -- AIRMATIC Inc., an industrial distributor that services the Mid-Atlantic and New England, is pleased to announce the addition of silo power washing, silo inspection and silo repair to its service division. As a response to customer requests, AIRMATIC has added these services to its existing capability to solve flow problems in bins and silos.

For years, customers in need of silo cleaning have turned to AIRMATIC for bin-whip, bin-drill, sonic-horn and manual clean-out of their bulk storage units. Power washing, an in-demand service, has now been added to the service division's growing capabilities by means of a professionally-equipped 20-foot trailer featuring a 5,000 PSI hot or cold pressure washer, resulting in a more thoroughly comprehensive means of meeting customers cleaning needs.

Silo inspection is another essential service that AIRMATIC has added to its list of offerings. Performed by a structural engineer, inspection entails visual observation of the outside of the silo. Then, using a three-pound hammer, the engineer conducts a physical test of the outside of the silo in multiple locations in order to determine if there is any potential for delamination of the silo. The final inspection requires an evaluation inside the silo, and may require total material removal, a service that AIRMATIC, Inc. can also provide.

Finally, AIRMATIC's service division now offers silo repair. Any defects found during silo inspection can be rectified by a team of repair technicians who will ensure that a customer's assets and personnel are protected from structural defects and dangers.

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