AIRMATIC Launches Updated Butterfly Valve Catalog


Malvern, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2017 -- AIRMATIC announced the release of an updated catalog on POSI-FLATE® butterfly valves, TORK-MATE® pneumatic actuators and accessories, and TRAK-LOK® limit switches and position monitors. The company strives to provide the most cutting-edge technology to its customers across a wide range of process industries. Since 1944, AIRMATIC has served companies from many different markets, including mining, construction, agriculture, public utility, manufacturing, and more.

The catalog showcases a line of innovative butterfly valves that, unlike traditional valves which seal with friction, use a seat that seals the valve when it inflates. Sealing with air pressure requires less torque and allows for a smaller actuator, reducing overall cost. As a bonus, this design reduces wear, resulting in a longer valve life. This inflatable seat butterfly valve works excellently on both abrasive and dry solids. Customers can consult the complete catalog for more technical details

TORK-MATE® 890 Pneumatic Actuators are perfect for operating not only butterfly valves but also plug valves, ball valves, damper valves, and more. Compared to other actuators, these offer a greatly extended life cycle. Due to their modular design, their versatility is unmatched in the industry. The catalog also features TORK-MATE accessories like solenoids, position indicators, declutchable gear overrides, and more.

Last but not least, the catalog includes TRAK-LOK® limit switches and position monitors ideal for use with these TORK-MATE® and POSI-FLATE® products. With high-quality components that ensure reliable and cost-efficient valve monitoring, this item helps industrial processes to remain productive and safe.

To learn more about the products and services offered by AIRMATIC, interested parties can visit To request the complete POSI-FLATE® Valve catalog, call them at 800-332-9770 or send them a fax at 888-964-3866

Based in Malvern, PA, industrial distributor AIRMATIC serves the Mid-Atlantic region and New England with bulk material handling equipment as well as supplies for maintenance, repair, production, operations and safety. Since 1944, AIRMATIC has been an invaluable partner to producers in the manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining and public utility markets. Their three synergistic business units - Materials Management Group, Service Group, and Tool Group - allow them to customize products and services to the needs of each distinct sector.

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