ApplenMicro a New Start-Up, Has Developed a Video-Chat Platform for Psychologists Similar to the One Shown in the Television Series "Web Therapy"


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- On you can find a 30-minute consultation online with a psychologist for only 6 euros! There are more than 1000 health professionals signs-ups in just three months.

What until now was only possible in the world of fiction, as in the TV series “Web Therapy”, starring Lisa Kudrow: talking to a psychologist on a remote consultation via video-chat, is now a reality thanks to the web

Airpersons is a video chat marketplace, or put in another way, a place where any professional can sell their services through video chat, needing just a webcam and an internet connection. There are services such as psychological online counselling, consultations with online lawyers and online videochat doctors and so alike in more than 1000 categories.

The website is available in 25 languages ??and in just three months is offering more than 3000 services.

"There are already psychologists offering a half-hour consultation for only 5 euros, when in Spain it would cost around 30 euros. Psychologists are from countries like Argentina and Chile, countries where the euro is very strong. Two persons speaking the same language can always meet on a video-chat consultation". Says M. Lewis, AirPersons CEO.

The website integrates a booking system which shows each professional’s free hours. The service buyer can book a session or connect immediately with an available professional psychologist to start a consultation right away, at any time, 24 hours a day.

"One of the advantages of AirPersons is that there is always someone available. By being present in nearly 200 countries we can take advantage of time zones. For example, when it is 2 in the morning in Western Europe in Argentina it is 8 pm, so there you can find a psychologist to assist you in an anxiety attack, an urgent problem, or simply when you find the need to talk to someone. That was impossible before the arrival of".

AirPersons also eliminates the problem of moving for some patients. Many bookings are cancelled due to patients’ low morale and the added effort that moving in that state involves. Airpersons removes that barrier and is especially useful in some cases.

While for the patience in need of a psychological consultation the advantages are low prices, accessibility and availability, for the professional are getting clients worldwide and the possibility to exercise their profession without the need of an office, a waiting lounge, nor the traditional couch... now just a table and a computer with an Internet connection are enough.

About is a website dedicated to providing person-to-person services through video chat and mobile phone. The site is available in several language, including English and Spanish, and is offering as a welcome gift $ 40 in free services to all those who complete the registration process. is also a way to get extra income. Anyone can offer services from their computer at home with internet connection or from their mobile phone.

Michael Cab
London, UK