AirPol, Inc

AirPol Celebrates New Logo and Continued Commitment to Air Pollution Control Systems

This press release is to inform readers that AirPol is celebrating a new logo and a continued commitment to air pollution control systems.


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- AirPol is an air pollution control systems and solutions provider who has, to date, successfully installed over 1,400 air pollution control systems globally including wet scrubber (both venturi and cyclonic scrubbers), acid gas absorber, and WESP’s (wet electrostatic precipitators). When necessary, due to EPA regulatory requirements, they also transform original venturi systems into unique modern and modified venturi scrubber that meet requirements.

After 15 years they have overhauled their logo and website. One of the spokespeople from AirPol stated, “The new sunrise icon in the AirPol logo serves a dual purpose: It suggests clear skies, an important image for an air pollution company, and it represents new beginnings, which is an integral core value within all CCI (Carbon Cycle Investments) companies. If you’re dropping by the AirPol website for the first time in a while and are surprised by the new look, that’s what we were hoping for. The new logo and design project confidence, commitment and clarity – exactly how AirPol will conduct business moving forward.”

AirPol Specializes in Improved Air Quality through Quality Control Systems

AirPol is proud to provide quality solutions to its industrial clients. Their wet scrubber in air pollution control systems include the venturi and cyclonic scrubbers, acid gas absorber, or a combination of these systems that best fit the company’s requirements. Acid gas absorber are specifically used for particulate removal, gas cooling, and heat recovery. The industries served with their Venturi scrubber include pulp and paper, and chemical industries. The venturi scrubber removes particulate, tars and sulfur compounds to create cleaner burning syngas.

About AirPol, Inc.
Based in Washington and Ramsey, NJ, AirPol, Inc. is more than an air pollution control company. It is part of a global movement to create a cleaner, better and more sustainable planet for the benefit of future generations. For more than 45 years, AirPol has existed as a resource to help businesses meet mandated air pollution control standards, and it will continue to provide those solutions moving forward because the company is driven by a vision to increase awareness about the importance of the carbon cycle and the vital role it plays in our everyday lives.