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AirPol Is Committed to Helping Clients Meet Boiler MACT Compliance Standards

This press release is to inform readers that AirPol is committed to helping clients meet Boiler MACT Compliance Standards.


Ramsey, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- For 45 years, various industries have turned to AirPol, Inc. for their wet scrubber and acid gas absorber systems in their efforts to control pollution and safety. AirPol’s commitment toward pollution control systems has led to the successful installation of 1,400 systems around the world. Those systems include wet scrubbers (including Venturi and cyclonic scrubbers), acid gas absorber, and WESP’s (wet electrostatic precipitators).

A spokesperson for AirPol stated, “AirPol evaluates a client’s existing wet scrubber system to make sure it meets EPA rules and Boiler MACT compliance standards. Many times, to meet the new, more rigid regulations, simple modifications and adjustments can be made. If, however, a completely new system is required, AirPol will design a new system for the client that will successfully meet Boiler MACT compliance standards.”

The AirPol Venturi, a type of wet scrubber, can effectively collect sub-micron particles, as well as coarser particles at a lower pressure drops. This type of wet scrubber has a diverse number of applications and is used in a number of industries including pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, incineration, pharmaceutical, and others. The AirPol Venturi Scrubber is specifically designed to effectively remove particulate, and can operate reliably with very little maintenance for many years.

The AirPol acid gas absorber is another type of wet scrubber that is designed to absorb odors and gaseous compounds. AirPol’s acid gas absorbers have a proven track record of long-term compliance with both MACT and BACT standards. AirPol’s absorption spray towers (their acid gas absorption system), has proven highly successful. Some advantages of these acid gas absorber spray towers include: tolerates high dust loads, low pressure drop, specially designed to minimize scaling, buildup, or reacted salts and high efficiency mist elimination.

About AirPol, Inc.
Based in Washington and Ramsey, NJ, AirPol, Inc. is more than an air pollution control company. It is part of a global movement to create a cleaner, better and more sustainable planet for the benefit of future generations. For more than 45 years, AirPol has existed as a resource to help businesses meet mandated air pollution control standards, and it will continue to provide those solutions moving forward because the company is driven by a vision to increase awareness about the importance of the carbon cycle and the vital role it plays in our everyday lives.