Airport Retail Trends of Business Travelers in Asia-Pacific, 2012-2013


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- According to the ReportReserve survey, a total of 56% and 75% of business travelers shopped at duty-free and duty paid shops respectively, 3 times or less in the last six months (see graph below). The average time spent by a business traveler from Asia-Pacific at duty-free airport retail outlets is 26 min, while the time spent at duty paid airport retail outlets is recorded at 22 min per visit in 2012. In the last six months, the average Asia-Pacific business traveler’s contribution towards shopping at airport retail stores is identified at 9.5% of their overall shopping volumes.

Overall, Asia-Pacific travelers declared that 46% of their purchases at duty-free airport retail stores were pre-planned, while 54% of purchases were impulsive in the last six months. In total, 60% of their overall purchases made at duty paid airport retail outlets turned out to be impulsive, whereas the remaining 40% constituted pre-planned purchases in 2012.

Asia-Pacific business travelers identified ‘food, beverages and tobacco’, ‘perfumes, cosmetics and personal care’, and ‘apparel, accessories and luxury goods’ as the leading product categories that occupy the most airport retail space. Business travelers purchased ‘tobacco’, ‘alcoholic beverages’, ‘perfumes, cosmetics and personal care’, and ‘jewelry, watches and accessories’ products more from duty-free airport retail shops in the last six months. In total, 66%, and 63% of Asia-Pacific business travelers identified ‘stationery and cards’, and ‘printed media’ as key products purchased from duty paid shops.

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