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Airsoft Skirmish Raises Important Charity Money: Cardigan Sports Comments


Cardigan, Ceredigion -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- Recent news has shown that airsoft guns can be used as part of constructive, charitable activity. In order to support the Old Boots Veterans Association, over 200 people took part in a giant airsoft skirmish in Morinville, Canada– raising money for a worthy cause. The association helps veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the skirmish not only helped promote awareness, but was a highly fun activity in itself. It highlights that airsoft can be a positive activity and can involve a great number of people.

Airsoft is rising in popularity after all, not only in Canada but the US and UK too. A traditional way of using air guns in sport is for target practice, and this is still significant, as seen in the pistol shooting sections in major sporting events like The Olympics. However, skirmishing can show the sport in a whole new light – as opening up the prospect for many to take part in a high-adrenaline event. In this way, people can use the air guns in team combat and make the most of the outdoors too.

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Cardigan Sports is a key company which recognises the importance of good air gun provisions. After all, the quality of an air gun often determines how effective it will be in a sporting activity, and many are now recognised and actively enjoyed – not only skirmishes and target events, but clay pigeon events and other games of mock-combat. Sports Guns is a known industry expert as well as a frequent commenter on industry news.

A spokesperson had this to say:

"It is refreshing to see that airsoft guns are being used in such a positive way. The event really highlights the mass-appeal airsoft has too – as not only does it involve skill and look great, but lots of people can get involved at once. We want to offer our praise to the positive efforts of this charitable event too."

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