Airwheel Electric Scooter as Companion

Airwheel Electric Scooter as Companion for Best Journey


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- Some people would go on a spiritual practice by bicycle, claiming the trip will help purify their souls. However, unlike bicycles, scooter riding is not about spiritual practice, dream or growth. It is just riding out of fun.

Although the number of electric scooter riders is not as big as that of bicycle riders, it is increasing year by year. Unlike bicycle riders, people can't go on a spiritual practice with a scooter. After all, riding is not about spiritual practice, dream or growth.

I used to be obsessed about riding. I went through many pictures of others' journeys online and dreamed of an ideal life like that. Nevertheless, after a while, I started to drop that thought. Resigning and traveling by bicycle seems enchanting, but not everyone can have a safe trip or learn something from the practice. Of course, I am not against the idea, and yet I just have some concerns about it. For me, it is not distance that defines riding. Riding a single-wheeled scooter in the city can be deemed as a kind of riding as well.

When I am in good mood, I always take out my Airwheel self-balancing unicycle and have a nice ride. Riding my scooter, I feel like all the stress just fades away and nothing can bother me anymore. Sometimes, when I become upset or frustrated, I will also go for a scooter ride in the street on the spur of the moment. Apart from that, the scooter also serves as a great tool for work-out. Since the scooter is controlled by adjustment of gravity center. So I have to control directions by twisting my body, which has an excellent exercise effect. Every time I want to do some exercises, I will go to the park with my scooter and have a few rides there.

Riding is actually a pure state. Distance, scenery and purpose are not that important. If people do pursue one of those, go for it then. If people don't, have a random ride just like me. As to me, scooter riding is only a lifestyle. Don't need a dream to keep me riding every day. I follow my heart and ride for nothing but fun. Ever want to live a casual lifestyle like me, have an Airwheel electric scooter then.

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