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Airwheel One Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter X6 Becomes Great Transport for School


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Apart from boarding students, there are many students who go to school on foot or by bicycles. For those who ride a bicycle to school, when they bump into traffic jams, they will be late for school or dinner at home. In order to avoid either of the situations happening, they may choose another transport–Airwheel self-balancing scooter X6.

Nowadays, traffic congestion has become a problem not only affecting office commuters but also leaving an influence on students who don't live in the school. Students have to join the army of office commuters and crowd into metro or bus every morning, which may contain latent safety risk as a matter of fact. Nevertheless, walking to school is too slow a way for the students because they will probably be late for class if they don't get up early enough. In order to escape from this dilemma, they can choose the third option–riding an Airwheel self-balancing scooter X6.

As a single-wheeled scooter, X6 appears rather small and lovely in terms of exterior outlook. Apart from that, it is not heavy compared with a bicycle or electric motorcycle. Weigh only 12 kg, it can be taken anywhere at ease and put aside when not in use.

When the student users get to school, they can actually put the vehicle into their bags if the bags are big enough instead of finding a place to park the vehicle, which saves them both time and efforts at the same time. What's more, X6 is mounted with large 16-inch wheel hub which has a stronger grasp to the ground, ensuring the safeness and smoothness of the vehicle. In this way, the parents can be truly assured of their children's safety problem.

About The Electric Scooter X6
In addition, the electric scooter X6 can be fully recharged within 90 minutes and reach a range of 23 km at most. On that account, riders don't have to wait that long for the vehicle to get recharged. Even if the user forgets to recharge the vehicle the night before, they can still recharge it on the next morning as long as they one hour early.

Convenient and safe, Airwheel self-balancing scooter X6 is undoubtedly a great transport for students.

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