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Airwheel S3 Two Wheel Self Balancing Unicycle, Leading a New Fashion

The Airwheel S3 scooter, a new kind of representative of the new fashion of the new era. Do you keep abreast of the fashion trend? This is a new type of environmental protection and energy saving transportation tools. It is very convenient and easy to carry. The max speed of the scooter can be 18km/h.


Changzhou, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- Do you also hate waiting for the bus and metro to travel in the ordinary same tools every day? Have you ever thought about shift into the more fashionable way to travel? If your answer is yes, then the Airwheel S3 will be your best choice to satisfy your wishes. If you have one electric unicycle, you needn't wait anxiously at the crowded bus station anymore. You can just choose your time and where you go. No more constraints.

The Airwheel S3 electric self-balancing scooter is not only the convenient transportation tool but also the symbol of the leading role in the fashion trend. The handles of the scooter are streamlining designed. Every arc and every colour can refresh you every day. This kind of appearance is not only good-looking but also makes you more comfortable in the riding. Everyone wants to be the super star among the public. Taking bus and metro are so ordinary while riding bike is out of date. Only the Airwheel can make you a super meteorite which can easily be really shining.

About Airwheel S3
Airwheel S3 self-balancing electric unicycle is equipped with the best humanized design and replaceable super-large screen. What is more, the handles are covered by silica gel and there are bumper strip on the back of the scooter. All the nuanced and delicate design are all for your satisfactory in the riding. Besides, it has the colourful atmosphere lamp which will make you more eye-catching when you're riding in the streets. It differs from other scooter in the two-wheeled design. The self-weight of it is only 22.4kg, which is lighter than the two-wheeled bicycle. The Airwheel S3 scooter can reach the max speed of 18km/h, and the range can be 65km. You can ride it around in the city even in the suburban area.

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