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Airwheel Scooter Electric Offer Us the Legacy to Our Next Generations

Most people have been aware of the ecological problems, what about you? If you don’t want to leave the grey sky and ruined environment to our next generations, please start your own low-carbon transport with an Airwheel intelligent scooters. The green future is at your hands!


Changzhou, Jiangsu -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2015 -- More and more environmental problems have emerged from the global joy of economic development. You must have been shocked by the fog haze. You must always worry about the PM2.5 values in your city. If you don't have child now, will you agree that your children can only learn about the beautiful sky from books or screens? If you have children now, please imagine if your children breathe the polluted air and live under a grey sky, what will they suffer and how will they think about their childhood in the future?

Most people will give negative answers. Then you may ask how to solve the pollution in the city? There is no solution solving all problems, but with Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, we are able to solve the pollution generated by city transport first.

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters are the most eco-friendly transport means because they are powered by electricity and generate zero emission of pollution. Most Airwheel products are extremely energy-saving, and they can travel 100 km with 1 kWh. So if more people join Airwheel users, city environment will be greatly improved for less fuels burned in cars and power plants.

Eco-friendly ideas are pursued by Airwheel, and Airwheel has still spent great efforts on the fashion elements in designing products. Airwheel want to attract the young people with the strongest performance and the most fashionable designs of its products. With Airwheel products, young people are able to experience all brand new joy of life and improve the quality of their life. Also, as the future of the society, the tastes of young people will influence the society development. So if more young people join the eco-friendly transport, the future of the city will be more beautiful. Airwheel is trying to lead the intelligent and eco-friendly trend among young people and contributes to the environmental protection.

The strong performance and distinguished designs are based on the good product quality and safety performance, for which Airwheel has chosen the best vehicle units for its electric self-balancing scooters. Sony or Panasonic lithium battery core as the power bank, tires from Cheng Shin, and all other high-quality units make the products stable and safe. Moreover, for each configuration of the safety system and each detail of the product design, Airwheel developers will make thousands of adjustment to achieve the best performance in stability and safety.

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