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AISC Certified Companies Necessary for Steel Mezzanine Installation


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Mezzanine manufacturers need to have AISC certification to ensure delivery of quality work. A company that plans to file for such certificate needs to undergo extensive review from a certified auditor. This needs thorough preparation of pertinent documents to prove good records of procedures, equipment use, financial standings and customer satisfaction ratings.

An AISC Certified steel mezzanine manufacturer is recognized to provide quality of work since all personnel are equipped with knowledge about mezzanine systems. One of the AISC certified companies, The Material Storage System (MSS) Inc., is known to provide excellent work in manufacturing and installation of steel mezzanine.

Due to their intensive background on steel mezzanine, they initiate to inform the public about the benefits of structural steel and roll formed steel. Roll formed steel is made up of sheet metal that can easily from into various shapes. This is similar to the structural steel but the process is different. The steel goes directly from the molten material so that a specific shape is achieved better.

MSS Inc. said that the roll formed steel is not as durable as the structural one. The structural steel provides no shaking and so it promises higher durability.

“No roll formed steel is used at our facility. Material Storage Systems, Inc. is AISC certified and can fabricate steel mezzanines to your specification or ours.”

“Material Storage Systems has tested and concluded that structural steel is a better solution for mezzanine storage. There is NO shaking or movement when on top of one or our structures. Our philosophy is there is no comparison, structural steel is far superior.”

About MSS Inc.
MSS has been in the business for more than 15 years. Their in-house professionals already made hundreds of projects, and each project is proven to be a success. With their unending dedication to provide quality storage systems, MSS now expands its services where they can be reached online.

Their services include design and installation of racking systems, mezzanines, custom fabrication and many others. To contact MSS, visit their official website. Their online representatives are on stand-by to answer all concerns.