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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2017 -- The financial experts at Ajax Mortgage Agents have been working for many years in order to assist the residents of Ajax with their demand for financial services for more than 10 years. With the recent increase in demand, the agency has opened more branches with one new location serving the second mortgage market in Ajax.

Second mortgages in Ajax are supplementary loans that provide access to money for the needs of the borrower by allowing them to use the equity in their home. The applicant can use the proceeds from the loan in various ways. Whether they want to do home renovations, finance their child's college education, refinance debt or even make investments, the borrower is allowed to do so because there are few restrictions on how the money can be used.

Second Mortgages in Ajax are attractive not only because they provide consumers with access to financing, but it also allows them to take big steps in their lives and make improvements that add to their quality of living. "Consumers are always looking for ways to improve their life in some kind of way, but they quickly realize that they need access to creative financing tools because other forms of financing can be expensive," states mortgage broker Ron Alphonso.

Ron goes on to explain, "Most of our clients already know exactly what they want to use the money for. Some of them made the decision years ago that a second mortgage would be the key to achieving their next big step in their life. We enjoy serving our clients because we get to be a part of making that happen and it makes us very proud to be able to give back to the community in that way by providing our services."

Second mortgages in Ajax provide a way for homeowners to finance their plans, whether it be taking a vacation or getting a business off the ground, with lower interest rates than personal loans or credit cards. Alphonso notes, "There is a big difference between paying 20% interest on a loan and paying 8% interest. That is the choice our clients have to make between applying for a loan with us for the lower rate versus maxing out their credit cards at a higher rate."

Alphonso further notes that "We have seen such an explosion in demand for Second mortgages in Ajax because our clients are taking advantage of the short and long term saving in order to fund large purchases while reserving the use of their high-interest personal lines of credit for smaller, more urgent purchases."

Another way that second mortgages in Ajax offered by Ajax Mortgage Agents are preferred by their clients is because of their flexible qualification requirements. Because second mortgages in Ajax are based on the loan to value, which in turn determines the amount of equity in the property, the applicant's credit, employment, and income is not as much a deciding factor when determining the approval of the loan as loans from traditional banks can be. This means that borrowers who may have employment or income complications that big banks would normally say no to can get approved for a second mortgage at Ajax Mortgage Agents.

About Ron Alphonso
Ron Alphonso has been an active private lender in Ontario for over a decade and he comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in private lending. He is a respected authority in this field and he contributes to local news and forums in matters private lending. He also offers invaluable input to people faced by bad credit and foreclosures, and those looking for alternative lending services.

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