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Ajax Union Announces Launch of Intromoose - An Innovative Free Online Networking Tool

Networking forms the backbone of many successful businesses. With thousands struggling to break through the dreaded task of networking introductions, a new online tool could prove the saving grace to both their stress levels and their businesses.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- As many successful business owners will attest, the key to getting ahead is to “know people.” Clichés aside, the power and necessity of networking has proven a game-changing strategy for millions of businesses around the world – even if making an effective introduction is daunting, time-consuming and tough to manage. However, a new online networking tool called Intromoose could now be changing the global networking landscape for good.

Developed by Ajax Union, Intromoose is an online platform that makes composing, distributing and managing introductions an easy pleasure. The system allows introductions to take place at the click of a button, providing a free and time-effective way to meet new potential partners, introduce clients and suggest friendships.

As Ajax Union’s CEO explains, Intromoose answers a vital call from the business community.

“All successful businesspeople know that they have to network. Introductions really do lie at the heart of effective networking, even though they are a stressful and laborious task,” says Joe Apfelbaum.

Continuing, “What our team has done is to take the concept of introductions and provide a tool to keep them all in one place; this allows business professionals to continue running their business, with introductions becoming a quick, easy and stress-free part of their schedule.”

Intromoose offers a wealth of powerful benefits to its users. From directly managing relationships and tracking past acquaintances, right through to harnessing the power of networking to generate more business through rock solid long-term relationships, everything exists under one online roof, at no cost to the user.

“Research shows that the average businessperson has at least ten people they are always looking to introduce, connect and forge long-term mutual relationships with. What was once a mini full-time job can now be seamlessly handled alongside other tasks that make up someone’s busy schedule; it’s easy,” Apfelbaum adds.

As mentioned, all of the features of Intromoose are made available at no charge. With the service currently operating in Beta mode, interested parties are urged to sign-up while places are still available.

To find out more, please visit http://www.Intromoose.com. [Add links to social profiles and info [at] intromoose.com. Jess should have social profiles is no one else does]

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