AK Elite Launches on July 9th 2013


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- AK Elite (also known as Amazon Kindle Elite) will be launching the world’s FIRST and only Amazon Kindle analysis and ranking product on July 9th 2013. This unique software is the first ever to hit the internet marketing world. AK Elite is a software product that helps you to find hot topics with lots of searches and little competition. It then gets your Kindle books to the top of Amazon, making you money for whatever books you write.

Publishing Kindle books is the hottest niche in the entire internet marketing community right now. Just head over to the Warrior forum, WSO section, and you’ll see tons of Warrior Special Offers from people promoting and selling Kindle money making eBooks.

If you’ve been marketing online for a while now, you may remember another product that Brad Callen, founder of AK Elite developed several years ago called SEO Elite. SEO Elite was the first real backlink, Google analysis tool that was used by nearly all internet marketers. We had somewhere around 100,000 “active” users at one point.

Basically, SEO Elite would tell you why your competition was ranked where they were in Google. You could then reverse engineer their ranking strategies and “1-up” them in Google, ranking at the top.

Well, Amazon Kindle Elite is essentially the SEO Elite of the Amazon Kindle store. In the sales video for AK Elite, Brad Callen showed himself using AK Elite to rank #1 in Amazon for “weight loss” and many other popular keywords, in only ONE week!

There are tons of eBooks teaching people how to sell Kindle books. And every book teaches a specific process to get your book ranked highly in the Kindle store for your keywords, which is the starting point for making money with your Kindle book.

The problem is, they teach all of the manual steps necessary. It’s a lot of analysis and a lot of manual work that takes a lot of time. AK Elite automates everything that people have already been taught to do manually and AK Elite should become the starting point for people wanting to sell Kindle books.

It will be positioned as the tool they need to start with, if they’re going to make money online by publishing a Kindle book. It won’t be positioned as you have to already have a Kindle book to use this.

If you’re still struggling to make money online or have obstacles to publish your own Amazon Kindle books successfully, your opportunity is right now. And if you don’t grab this opportunity, you’re missing out on the biggest opportunity on the web in a long time.

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