Aktiv Frisk Brings Efficient Methods for Depression Treatment and Lifestyle Change in Oslo


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- Aktiv Frisk, a renowned depression clinic in Oslo, offers efficient methods of depression treatment to the customers. The clinic offers help to the clients in coping with depression and also offers effective ways to a successful lifestyle change in coping with overweight.

A representative from the company informed about the scary facts regarding the depression and said, “Depression is very common. The extent of depressive disorders in the population is very large. A Norwegian study found that 7.3 percent of the population of Oslo will have a depressive episode within a period of one year. Lifetime prevalence was 17.8 percent. Another study in Oslo found corresponding at 7 percent will have a clinical depression during one month. Both studies found clear most depression among women - about.10 percent of women and 4 percent of men.”

The clinic offers treatment from depression through various courses; customers may select their own as per their convenience and needs. The AktivFrisk-treatment includes, courses in coping with depression, exercise in groups and Individually and sessions with a psychiatrist. The aktivFrisk treatment package is a 12 weeks program designed to help you cope with depression with ease.

About Aktiv Frisk
Aktiv Frisk clinic offers in-depth assessment, individual customized treatment and care for people with depression. The company also offers individual assessment of people with obesity. The clinic has developed special courses focusing on a successful lifestyle change. Physical activity is central to their treatment strategy. The company goes to great lengths to tailor a treatment offer that suits clients’ needs and schedule. Specialist in Psychiatry, Masood Zangani, he is a consultant on Ahus, Dept. Special Psychiatry. He is affiliated with the Center for morbid obesity and speaker on Center of Learning and Coping at Oslo University.

For more information, please visit: http://aktivfrisk.no