AktivFrisk Now Brings Revolutionary Treatment of Depression for Clients


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- AktivFrisk, a renowned depression treatment clinic now brings revolutionary treatment of depression for clients. This clinic aims at treating all kinds of depressions and their causes. Their efficient methods of depression treatment help clients in coping with depression.

A representative while elaborating the depression treatment in Oslo, stated, “Treatment of depression has evolved considerably in recent years. It's not that a treatment fit best for everyone. Your treatment may require a combination of therapies. Through thorough investigation and assessment adapted to the form of therapy that suits you. Every 3 Norwegians have genes that sells drugs faster or slower than average. Yet, all the same starting doses. The Active Fresh customized medications your needs and how your body converts medication.”

AktivFrisk offers individually tailored treatment to the clients while accompanying them through all the fluctuations in the course of treatment. The specialists at this center have extensive experience and all the necessary expertise, required for treatment of all types of depression. They offer treatment for depression through various courses, clients can choose according to their convenience and needs.

Apart from all, AktivFrisk also provides treatment of obesity which includes, three months active light therapy, individual appointments with a psychiatrist, course, maintenance therapy of1 month conversation with the psychiatrist, maintenance therapy of one month conversation with the psychiatrist and training, participation in support groups and many more. Their weight loss surgery in Oslo offers effective ways to a successful lifestyle without being overweight.

About AktivFrisk
Aktiv Frisk clinic offers in-depth assessment, individual customized treatment and care for people with depression. www.aktivfrisk.no also offers individual assessment of people with obesity. The Obesity Clinic in Oslo has developed special courses focusing on a successful lifestyle change. Physical activity is central to their treatment strategy. The company goes to great lengths to tailor a treatment offer that suits clients’ needs and schedule. Specialist in Psychiatry, Masood Zangani, he is a consultant in Ahus, Dept. Special Psychiatry. He is affiliated with the Center for morbid obesity and speaker on Center of Learning and Coping at Oslo University.

For more information, please visit: http://aktivfrisk.no/overwieghtclinic/kurs/