Al-Naseer University, Yemen Offers Cutting Edge Course for Domestic and International Students


Sanaa, Yemen -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- Al-Naseer University, Yemen has been the favored place for both domestic and international students who are looking for focused and hands on bachelor’s degree programs and undergraduate degree programs. The university has introduced many tailor made courses across different disciplines in order to develop critical skill sets amongst the students.

The university has achieved the recognition of being one of the country’s most affordable private educations in the country with a number of reliable scholarships. In order to remain relevant and international in format and structure, the university offers a small classroom experience to create a more focused learning environment for its students across all courses. The team behind the university has worked towards offering the best in class modern laboratories and technology in order to facilitate the best experience for both domestic and international students. There are numerous scholarships available to enable international students to take on courses in leading disciplines like Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Business Management, Dual Bachelor degree etc.

“We are the only university in Yemen, having international agreements with leading UK, US and other universities, offering the international experience to our students. We aim to create employable youth who have international exposure as well as training to meet the demands of global economies,” commented a University spokesperson.

The bachelors degree programs are offered across leading disciplines like management, business, hospital management, accounting, finance. Each program is designed to suit the current demands of the field as well as keeping in mind the critical employability needs too. Each student received a firm foundation based on which they can pursue higher specialization or higher studies from anywhere globally.

In the words of some current students who are pursuing various undergraduate degree programs, herein are the reactions:

“I am studying the undergraduate business course here, and the university is very futuristic in its approach and training methods,” said Rubaiya.

According to Nausheen, “I am pursuing the Bachelor of Nursing here and facilities as well as the teachers are top-notch and I am confident of working anywhere now.”

About Al-Naseer University, Yemen
Al-Naseer University, Yemen specializes in offering world-class courses, curriculum and practical work to make sure that students have a hands-on application of the theoretical knowledge they learn in the classroom. The university is the one the most well established ones in Yemen with courses across major disciplines and tie ups with leading universities across the globe.

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