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Alabama Foam Insulation Contractors Increase Energy Efficiency in Homes with New Insulation


Macon, MS -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- These days more and more contractors have started using spray foam to insulate commercial buildings because of their ability to increase energy efficiency as much as possible. This type of insulation is a great alternative to fiberglass as well as other materials, which allow the elements from outside to enter the building, thereby significantly reducing the level of energy efficiency.

There are two different types of spray foam insulation, open cell and closed cell. Open cell insulation is typically used in attic and basement areas, as it is not as thick. Closed cell insulation is commonly used in crawlspaces and is considered to be a more compressed version.

Commercial buildings can lose up to 40% of their energy from air infiltration alone, which is why it is so crucial to install the proper insulation. Spray foam is a truly innovative and revolutionary material which is sprayed to the appropriate areas in a building and hardens, effectively blocking the air and preventing it from coming in or going out. This insulation has proven itself to be the best when it comes to sealing air leaks and therefore conserving as much energy as possible.

Spray foam insulation is also incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of places in commercial buildings, including plumbing vents, wiring holes, open soffits, behind knee walls, and basement rim joists. This insulation can effectively reduce thermal shorts or bridges, thereby keeping the internal temperature of the building steady and consistent. There are certain areas where infiltration is more common than others, and this insulation can fill in holes and bridge gaps which other kinds cannot.

When it comes to getting the best Alabama foam insulation , Dixie Foam LLC is by far the best choice for those who live in this state. The professionals that make up this company are highly skilled and trained to work with spray foam insulation and always make sure that the job is done properly. The insulation in any given commercial building will ultimately determine how energy efficient it really is, which is why it is so important to choose an effective option that will offer a definitive solution.

Most contractors these days recognize that this particular type of insulation is leading the way in energy efficiency and offers many different benefits that fiberglass and all of the others do not. Business owners that want to keep energy costs at a minimum while creating a comfortable interior in terms of temperature will definitely want to consider this option.

About Dixie Foam LLC
Dixie Foam LLC is a spray foam insulation producer and installation company local to Mississippi. The team provides quality insulation for both residential and commercial structures in the area. With great expertise and knowledge, the Dixie Foam team can help to better understand the benefits of using spray foam insulation than any other insulating material. Make a difference for the quality, comfort and energy consumption of your structure.

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