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Alan Cherry's Exteriors Helps Provide New Siding for Seasonal Protection


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2017 -- Property owners looking to ensure that their homes are protected against the upcoming fall and winter weather are encouraged to contact Alan Cherry's Exteriors to learn more about the benefits that new siding in Hamilton, NJ can bring to their home value and their wallets.

Homeowners who have been putting off installing new siding or other home improvements in Cherry Hill, NJ are especially encouraged to call as soon as possible so that their projects can be completed before the colder temperatures and harsher weather arrive.

Winter weather can provide unique challenges to homeowners, especially if their siding is old or has not been replaced in a while. Snow tends to pile up against the siding of the bottom of a home, which can cause damage if left for too much time. Strong winter winds can also rip siding and shingles clean off the home if strong enough.

Wooden siding can be at a particularly high risk for damage during winter because as snow is left to cover the material, lamination around the siding can wear away and leave the wood underneath susceptible to rot. Extreme cold poses the greatest risk for vinyl siding, which can become brittle and difficult to repair as the winter progresses.

Homeowners in need of assistance keeping their siding protected during the winter are encouraged to contact Alan Cherry's Exteriors by calling 856-347-8292 to learn more about the benefits of installing their new siding earlier in the year and beating the winter rush. Residents can also visit them online at to learn more about available services.

About Alan Cherry's Exteriors
Alan Cherry's Exteriors is a full-service contractor that performs installations and repairs on siding, roofs, and windows, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. Family owned and operated since 1975; the company is a go-to source for repairs in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

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