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Alan Vengel Featured in the Office Professional

Prominent Business Website Uses Famed Speaker as Expert Advisor


Danville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- The Office Professional, an industry-leading business website, recently asked author, speaker, and educator Alan Vengel to contribute to an article about improving negotiation skills, and his remarks appear in the April 17th article titled “Becoming a Better Negotiator.”

Vengel is known as the author of multiple books about influencing skills, including The Influence Edge and 20 Minutes to a Top Performer, and is sought frequently as a public speaker and private advisor for negotiation training seminars. In the article for TOP, a publication that’s been covering the administrative professional world for over 30 years, Vengel offers several key principles to remember during the negotiation process, including the importance of patience in the negotiation process and the value of always viewing yourself as having the power in any given negotiation. To read the full article, go to

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