Alberta Flood Damage Infographic Created by


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Trying to understand the size and scope of the damage caused by the flooding in Alberta can be difficult. Communicating the damage that has occurred with words leaves the reader without a full understanding of the situation. has created an easy to understand infographic to help people comprehend the size of the human and financial impact these flood have had on Alberta.

The June 2013 floods in Alberta have been the worst floods in Alberta’s recorded history and have resulted in some astonishing figures. Over 100,000 people evacuated, damage estimates at 3-5 Billion and a surprising 25% of all costs not expected to be covered by Insurance. The infographic created by OurInsuranceCanada covers 12 data points which put the damage caused by the event into perspective. The estimated cost of damages was assessed at 3.75 billion for homes, businesses, vehicles, and other private property. It was stated by Alberta Premier Alison Redford that much of the cost would most likely be uninsured and take 10 years to recover from. was created by Jon Haver to help Canadians make smart insurance decisions when purchasing insurance. Jon is not an insurance professional but works with experts in the field to create useful guides for Canadians in all walks of life.

Jon Haver is a Father, Engineer and blogger at he can be reached at and 519-334-3845. The infographic created can be viewed here -