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Albuquerque, NM Bankruptcy Lawyer Sean Thomas Explains Chapter 7 Bankruptcy via Community Outreach


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- As more Americans face financial insecurity, Albuquerque Bankruptcy Lawyer Sean Thomas is working to clear the air on Bankruptcy Chapter 7 at a time when more people are facing that financial possibility. The full-service law firm of Sean Patrick Thomas specializes in bankruptcy and is among the most dedicated and experienced Albuquerque personal injury attorneys serving clients throughout Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas.

Each year, millions of Americans struggle with a lack of financial security, ultimately facing disastrous consequences such as foreclosure, repossession, litigation, and wage garnishments. As an Albuquerque Bankruptcy Lawyer, Sean Thomas makes it part of his community outreach to explain the potential place of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the shared reality of the current financial climate.

“For years, our extraordinary legal team has been serving members of the community with sound advice and practical solutions to financial problems that have gotten out of control,” said Attorney Sean Thomas. “We see it as part of our responsibility to the broader community to explain Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and other financial reorganization tools so that people understand that there are options for a second chance and a stable financial future.”

As a proven expert among bankruptcy attorneys in Albuquerque, Sean Thomas has extensive experience in the area of bankruptcy Law. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of New Mexico School of Law, which accepts a maximum of 100 applicants per year, and is also a member of The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. The New Mexico and Federal Bar Associations member has helped numerous people through the bankruptcy process, get relief from crushing debt and start on the road to financial recovery.

Thomas works hard to spread the understanding that there is no negative stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy, especially at a time when as many as 70 percent of all U.S mortgages are facing foreclosure. “Many large corporations as well as highly successful and famous people like Walt Disney and Elton John have filed for bankruptcy and gone on to greater financial success with what turned out to be a fresh start,” said Thomas.

While Thomas makes it clear that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is not a panacea for everyone facing large debts, a qualified bankruptcy attorney can present a thorough analysis of all options.

“I caution people to refrain from immediately using credit counselors or debt consolidation companies,” said Thomas. “By consulting with a skilled attorney, people can get the personal attention and explanation of their options in a compassionate and knowledgeable way.”

As an Albuquerque injury lawyer, Attorney Sean Patrick Thomas has also helped hundreds recover their losses or get the compensation they deserve from insurance claims in a variety of personal injury cases. Thomas has dealt with numerous clients that have been involved in car and motorcycle accidents, as well as those injured as a result of a faulty product or improperly maintained environment. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please visit http://www.seanthomaslaw.com/

About Attorney Sean Patrick Thomas
The full-service law firm of Attorney Sean Patrick Thomas specializes in the areas of bankruptcy, personal injury, and product liability. The highly experienced attorney takes great pride in giving clients personal attention, sound legal advice and legal representation as a professional, compassionate law expert. The practice serves clients throughout Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas.