Alchemical Elixirs Uses Organic Alchemy to Create Its Ormus That Increases the Overall Health

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Yelm, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- Alchemy is an ancient practice that is continued even to this day. Alchemical Elixirs creates its own Ormus by using Organic Alchemy. Ormus helps in synchronization of the brain hemispheres and increases the psychic ability. People using this can experience more bliss, joy, good health and longevity. Alchemical Elixirs creates its own Ormus, Monoatomic Gold for naturopaths and herbalists and all other types of alternative health and ayurvedic practitioners all over the world. Ormus has been created in a mountain in Australia on the night of full moon using strict organic protocols. Ormus is a generic term that refers to any suspension of metal elements in monatomic gold form. Ormus is originally ORME. ORME stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. The dosage is about 5 to 50 ml per day. The quantity of intake can be decided based on the intuition of the user. The intake of Ormus has many effects. These effects vary from one person to another person as it depends upon a number of factors that include a person's general state of health, age, type of body, weight, body chemistry, genetics, the diet intake, general habits and so on. However, there are two common effects of taking Ormus. The first effect is the stilling of the breath. This is very useful while meditating. This is also useful in dream work or lucid dreaming, OBES, etc. The person will feel more energetic. It can also act as a powerful physical cleansing agent and a diuretic. Some people may also feel pep and giddiness on the intake of ormus. However, this effect will stop once the Ormus has flushed out all the unwanted toxins or waste material from your body.

A person can intake numerous benefits with the intake of Ormus. Some of the many benefits include enhanced mental clarity and focus, Right and left brain balance, positive emotions and greater sense of inner peace, enhanced intuition, greater insights into self and life situations, ability to deal with stressful situations from a higher perspective, enhanced lucid dreams, accelerated manifesting and serendipity, greater creativity, deeper meditative & prayer states, feelings of expansion & access to higher Universal knowledge, improved platform for universal communication, physically helps with intestinal tract to absorb food particles, nourishment and hydration of body cells, body cells in generating hydroelectric energy, rejuvenation of the body cells, proper communication and regeneration of body cells, repair damaged tissues, prevents muscle cramps and many other benefits.

About Alchemical Elixirs
Alchemical Elixirs uses Organic Alchemy to create its Ormus. It synchronizes Brain Hemispheres, increases the Psychic ability and creates Joy, Health and longevity. Alchemical Elixirs create its Ormus, Monoatomic Gold for Naturopaths, Herbalists, and all types of Alternative Health and Ayurvedic Practitioners around the Planet.

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