Jordy Christo

Alcohol Dependence from a Loved One's Perspective Focus of Book


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Alcoholism effects more than the drinker. In many destructive ways, alcoholism impacts the entire family. Jordy Christo's new book, "Proven Methods For Dealing With Alcoholics", focuses on helping individuals cope constructively with people suffering from alcohol dependence. The skills offered in "Proven Methods For Dealing With Alcoholics" are intended to benefit first the person impacted by an alcoholic or alcoholics in their lives, and second the alcoholics themselves. By applying the strategies in "Proven Methods For Dealing With Alcoholics" the individual who suffers around alcohol dependence will learn to deal effectively with verbal and physical cues, react pro-actively, and deflect the typical demoralizing consequences.

Jordy Christo has over 15 years experience, both personal and as a mentor, in helping himself and others deal effectively with alcoholics, his techniques establishing healthy personal boundaries while continuing show love and hope for recovery to those suffering with alcohol dependence. "Proven Methods For Dealing With Alcoholics" contains chapters full of "do's" and "don'ts". The primary goals of the book are to help the person suffering with an alcoholic to understand, "It's not your fault", and that it is entirely up to the alcoholic to decided to stop drinking on his or her own. Nothing that the person close to alcoholic does will directly stop the alcoholic from drinking, either by refusing to help or by directly helping the alcoholic avoid the consequences of his or her behavior. In fact, Jordy Christo asserts in his book that alcoholics will best find their own path to quit drinking with the right boundaries and compassion from those around them.

Jordy Christo began the website Alcoholic's Friend ( in 2009 with others who have suffered with alcoholics in their lives and wanted a place to help deliver coping skills, and a positive message of hope, for those caught in a tough situation, not knowing how to free themselves from the impact of an alcoholic and still keep that person in their lives.

Both his book, "Proven Methods For Dealing With Alcoholics" and the Alcoholic's Friend website, to which Jordy Christo contributes, want everyone to know while, "alcoholic's don't really mean to hurt those around them," those who suffer around them don't have to give up on the relationship, or continue to suffer the impact of the alcoholic.

Jordy Christo is a writer, musician and Christian worship leader living in Sarasota, FL.

Jordy Christo
Sarasota, FL